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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Replay of Challenge "Mighty Axe ! "

As SAN was away for Vesak Vacation, we had the game little late than planned, and it was a tough and enjoyable game. However, some disturbances due to lags occured during game. Without further ado, here's the replay. Watch it for yourself, and it was a really good game.

Game Mode: All Pick / Only Mid / Mirror Match

Heroes: Axe vs. Axe

Sentinel: Mahasona
Scourge: ClawOfDeath


Axe vs. Axe - Mahasona Vs Claw.w3g (212KB - DotA All Stars 6.52/ Warcraft III TFT v.1.21)



Anonymous said...

come on.. put d name of d winner too...

Yohan Liyanage said...

Hehe, if I put, no suprise for viewers. xD