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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Life Steal for Life Stealer ?

I just had this idea about building Life Steal items for N'aix, the Life Stealer. I know that his Feast is more than enough for life stealing, and I usually don't go building life steal items, but rather consider about improving his DPS by building more damage and IAS items.

However, I noticed this about LifeStealer's abilities. First of all, Feast is not an orb effect. That means, it should stack with any other life steal item. And since he is melee, we can use Vladmir's Offering as a life steal item too. That means, if we could build Valdmir's, Helm of Dominator and upgrade his Feast skill, all should stack. What if we enhance Helm to Satanic? Vladmir's offers 17% Life Steal, Satanic 25% => 42% Life Steal. With Satanic's Active, that would be 52% Life Steal!

And then again, Feast has its own way about calculating how the life steal happens (with regards to the enemy's current HP percentage), but with Level 4 Feast, it restores 7% of enemy's current HP per hit. That means with all those items, he would be unstoppable (well, he would be unstoppable only with feast as well).

Any ideas?

(Please limit your discussion to the topic, Life Steal for Life Stealer. This is not a discussion about which item is best suited for Life Stealer)


SAN said...

GR8 calculations; after all DOTA is all about numbers ;)

So why don't we try out this ;)

Yohan Liyanage said...

Hehe, Thanks bro. Yeah, DotA is all about Maths. :D

Anonymous said...

Life steal on Lifestealer is awesome.. Personally I make lifesteal for lifestealer.

But givin it a real thought, lifesteal only works on one hero @ a time. In a gank, where one hero run, and others attackin.. there is no lifesteal 2 begin with.. whr lifestealer is utterly helpless.

So my point is, feast isnt orb effect mainly to help lifestealer make an useful orbitem, with which he can disable or at least, cripple d enemy 4 a better life steal.

I would say, SnY + assault cuirass, BoT + EoD, would be better off on lifestealer...
Hope this rings a bell...
(hint:purge is an awesome item to lifestealer in team games)

Yohan Liyanage said...

Hmm, that's true. Open Wounds will work only for a single target. In a gank, SnY or EoS could help a lot to the team, specially with the attack speed of Naix.