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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Talking about Axe...

Since "Axe" has been the center of discussions during recent times, I thought of posting this kind of old replay of a game which I played Axe. This was my 2nd time playing Axe, if I'm not mistaken.

The way I play is noobish, but managed to have a decent streak in this game (4 Double Kills, 1 Triple Kill, Longest Spree of 23, Finally 24/1/3). This is one of the best games I have played.

Looking back, this is not the way I would play Axe today, but it was very enjoyable.

Game Mode: All Pick (Only new players picked, others randomed using -random)

Picked Heroes: mobyDick (Razor) / Noob[now BuGgUy86] (Sniper) / Dutugemunu (Mirana) /praa (Lycan) / sashi (Troll)

Randomed Heroes: Blaze (Tiny) / DZZone (Pudge) / frank (Chen) / SF (Alchemist) / ClawOfDeath (Axe)

Location: APIIT Corporate Labs ;)

Sentinel (5) : Noob (Sniper) / frank (Chen) / praa (Lycan) / sashi (Troll) / Blaze (Tiny)

Scourge (5)
: ClawOfDeath (Axe) / mobyDick (Razor) / SF (Alchemist) / Dutugemunu (Mirana) / ~!.DZZone.!~ (Pudge)

Winner: Scourge

AxeOwnage.w3g (440kb - DotA All Stars 6.51 / Warcraft III TFT v.1.21)
(Warning: Those who are allergic to noobs may find it hard to watch this replay)


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