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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Author Introductions - BuGgUy86

Yo! Wassup!

nice work yohan! and thanx for inviting me to contribute!

well i'm also a part of the network gaming addicts in out batch at APIIT. it all started with C&C generals where i was known as "noob" (tht was my gaming name). Now its all about DOTA! i go by the alias buggy and is STILL trying to catch up with this fast paced hot LAN game.

As for my favourite heroes, well there are many. Jaggernut, Sniper, Magina, and lots more....Oh and who cud forget the mighty Barathrum! and ofcourse lil old Bony!

Well anyone, pro's and noobs alike are most welcome to join us in our online games. We would like any sort of challenge to better our own game, and would appreciate any sort of ideas or strategies you would like to post about heroes or the game.

Well, this is it for my first post, and hope you would read loads more from me and my friends. Catch you in the game!

1 comment:

Yohan Liyanage said...

Wassup BuGgUy! Thanks a lot for your praisings.

Yeah, we do remember the good old times with C&C Generals. And here we are, again addicted to DotA ;).

Welcome aboard and lets have some fun dude !