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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Axe VS Juggernaut

I thought of sharing a replay of a game i played recently with a friend of mine.
The heroes are Axe and juggernaut,

Juggernaut is considered one of the best heroes for 1 on 1 play since his superb ultimate power. DOTA Professionals say that this is the best ultimate power among all heroes found in DOTA.

But; I played Axe and for the results of the game pls view the replay.

This image was taken just before i draw first blood!.

Direct Download Link - Click Me Pls

Enjoy and pls do comment.....


Yohan Liyanage said...

Awesome game, total ownage !

Blaze will be pissed dude. If he joins the blog, we could see a REPLAY BATTLE in here. ;)

Blackhawks said...

rofl... didnt watch d replay... let me guess, axe won rite? :D its hard 2 win against AXE specially if u r playin a melee agi hero

NL_KIchigo said...

lol yeah....... bt Rage Jaggr cudve won dat game (no offence SAN, ya plyd Axe damn wel). I watched da reply n Jaggr didnt used his ulti wel(most of it wasted on creepz). Two or three tymz Axe gt lucky bcuz of dat. Nwy i tld dat according 2 my knwledge so Rage chk da reply n tell if im wrng. N COD did ya invited Blaze.... if so i'm also sure abt da Reply Battle ya mentioned :D

SAN said...

ya Blackhawks ur rite :)

And nl_kichigo since u think u can handle jaga well how about the same match again; u and me?

BTW frank also thought the same; u can ask him about the results of the game also :)