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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Long, but fun Game.....

This evening we had this rather looo....ong but fun game at Hamachi. I just thought of posting the replay here to share with our members.

Game Mode : Single Draft / Shuffle Players

Sentinel : Yunero (BuGgy86) / N'aix (frank) / Pudge (Mahasona)
Scourge : Enchantress (Dutugamunu) / Lich (Kuruvi) / Balanar (ClawOfDeath) / Magina (DZZone)

Winner: Watch it and See ;)

LongButFun.w3g (610kb - DotA All Stars 6.51 / Warcraft III TFT v.1.21)



Anonymous said...

hmmm.. isnt it strange 2 c, all d replays snaps were taken while d player "l1lbouwow" is selected...

hw can he b thr unless he observed.. or he played n u 4get 2 put his name in :D

Yohan Liyanage said...

He was an observer :D