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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Auhtor Introduction - ClawOfDeath

Hi, my name is Yohan, (a.k.a ClawOfDeath / Link) and I created this blog to share the views / replays and opinions of our DotA clan at APIIT.

About myself, I am a DotA Addict, and has been playing DotA from 2007 (played a little around 2006, but nothing much). I don't have a one single favourite hero as such, but I prefer Agility heroes than any other type. I like to play Mortred, Rikimaru, Terrorblade, Mercurial, Juggernaut, ....... and the list ends when 75% of all heroes is reached. I enjoy every single minute of the game, but hate leavers and droppers!

You will catch me mostly in our Hamachi networks (as Link), and sometimes in GG Client (ClawOfDeath). My playing name is ClawOfDeath in both.

Catch me at:

APIIT-DotA-Special, APIIT-DotA, HF06A1

Garena (GG Client)
SL DotA Room
International DotA Room

See you guys in the game.
Until then, Peace.



SAN said...

wow 75%; that a lot. Hope u finish all.

And best of luck on the future games.

Yohan Liyanage said...

Hehe, don't get it serious. Just playing with numbers there ;)

NL_KIchigo said...
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NL_KIchigo said...

"COD".... hy bro cnt remembr whoz ya first hero was (u didnt stick 2 ya 1st hero for long) bt still remember da tym ya strtd plyin Terroblade(it was ya 2nd hero ne).... Damn man.... we both new 2 da game n had lot of tight (bt it was fun though) gamez.... nwy cheerz 2 dat tym which brought us dis far........ :)