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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Replay of Challenge "Mighty Axe ! "

As SAN was away for Vesak Vacation, we had the game little late than planned, and it was a tough and enjoyable game. However, some disturbances due to lags occured during game. Without further ado, here's the replay. Watch it for yourself, and it was a really good game.

Game Mode: All Pick / Only Mid / Mirror Match

Heroes: Axe vs. Axe

Sentinel: Mahasona
Scourge: ClawOfDeath


Axe vs. Axe - Mahasona Vs Claw.w3g (212KB - DotA All Stars 6.52/ Warcraft III TFT v.1.21)


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Life Steal for Life Stealer ?

I just had this idea about building Life Steal items for N'aix, the Life Stealer. I know that his Feast is more than enough for life stealing, and I usually don't go building life steal items, but rather consider about improving his DPS by building more damage and IAS items.

However, I noticed this about LifeStealer's abilities. First of all, Feast is not an orb effect. That means, it should stack with any other life steal item. And since he is melee, we can use Vladmir's Offering as a life steal item too. That means, if we could build Valdmir's, Helm of Dominator and upgrade his Feast skill, all should stack. What if we enhance Helm to Satanic? Vladmir's offers 17% Life Steal, Satanic 25% => 42% Life Steal. With Satanic's Active, that would be 52% Life Steal!

And then again, Feast has its own way about calculating how the life steal happens (with regards to the enemy's current HP percentage), but with Level 4 Feast, it restores 7% of enemy's current HP per hit. That means with all those items, he would be unstoppable (well, he would be unstoppable only with feast as well).

Any ideas?

(Please limit your discussion to the topic, Life Steal for Life Stealer. This is not a discussion about which item is best suited for Life Stealer)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Talking about Axe...

Since "Axe" has been the center of discussions during recent times, I thought of posting this kind of old replay of a game which I played Axe. This was my 2nd time playing Axe, if I'm not mistaken.

The way I play is noobish, but managed to have a decent streak in this game (4 Double Kills, 1 Triple Kill, Longest Spree of 23, Finally 24/1/3). This is one of the best games I have played.

Looking back, this is not the way I would play Axe today, but it was very enjoyable.

Game Mode: All Pick (Only new players picked, others randomed using -random)

Picked Heroes: mobyDick (Razor) / Noob[now BuGgUy86] (Sniper) / Dutugemunu (Mirana) /praa (Lycan) / sashi (Troll)

Randomed Heroes: Blaze (Tiny) / DZZone (Pudge) / frank (Chen) / SF (Alchemist) / ClawOfDeath (Axe)

Location: APIIT Corporate Labs ;)

Sentinel (5) : Noob (Sniper) / frank (Chen) / praa (Lycan) / sashi (Troll) / Blaze (Tiny)

Scourge (5)
: ClawOfDeath (Axe) / mobyDick (Razor) / SF (Alchemist) / Dutugemunu (Mirana) / ~!.DZZone.!~ (Pudge)

Winner: Scourge

AxeOwnage.w3g (440kb - DotA All Stars 6.51 / Warcraft III TFT v.1.21)
(Warning: Those who are allergic to noobs may find it hard to watch this replay)


Friday, May 16, 2008

Author Introductions - RAGE

Nice work done here, Yohan
I was thinking of making a website to do this but dat idea seems useless now. I hope all of ya (n me) will improve in DoTA, at least a bit with this effort. Lets help all "noobs" to beat the "PROS".

Btw, it's me Pasan here. For the ppl who dont kno me by my name, I'm called RAGE, Blackhawks, HawkZ, N1tehawkz in gaming.. Errm.. Ive been to gaming ever since I was in 10 years old & played most of d popular games.. DoTA is my fav game n I've been playin it for more than 3 years to the current date....

My Favorite Hero?? lol.. dnt laugh @ this answer.. my fav hero changes wi each game.. D hero with whom I can counter all the enemy heroes somehow with o without the help of my fellow heroes, is my Fav hero :D

I particularly love, early game farmin heroes (Razor, Drow Ranger, Sniper, Nevermore, Vengeful Spirit, etc), Killer heroes (Morphling, Void, Magina, Barathroom, Bloodseeker, Witch Doctor, etc) and I love Silencer coz of his attack animation :)

So dats all from my end, grammar gamers.. Keep rollin.. Peace out..

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mighty Axe !

Hey SAN (The Mighty Axe),

I saw your replay of last game, and man! you play Axe very well! So, I would like to have the pleasure of a game with you, Axe vs. Axe (a mirror match). Let's see how long I can stand against you...


So, can you please suggest a date and time?

Auhtor Introduction - KIchigo

Hyyy guyz, it'z me Nilendra/NL a.k.a. KIchigo. I strtd netwrk gamin in APIIT frm C&C Generals, Counter Strike n nw moved 2 DOTA frm yr 2007. And my favorite hero is Razor a.k.a. Lightning Revenant :) (need 2 sy mor.......). As for da rest i prefer de most Luna, Barathrum, Juggernut, Troll Warlord, Terrorblade, Blood Seeker, Rastha n Bone. N btw Yohan, nice wrk bro...... Cheerz...........

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Author Introductions - BuGgUy86

Yo! Wassup!

nice work yohan! and thanx for inviting me to contribute!

well i'm also a part of the network gaming addicts in out batch at APIIT. it all started with C&C generals where i was known as "noob" (tht was my gaming name). Now its all about DOTA! i go by the alias buggy and is STILL trying to catch up with this fast paced hot LAN game.

As for my favourite heroes, well there are many. Jaggernut, Sniper, Magina, and lots more....Oh and who cud forget the mighty Barathrum! and ofcourse lil old Bony!

Well anyone, pro's and noobs alike are most welcome to join us in our online games. We would like any sort of challenge to better our own game, and would appreciate any sort of ideas or strategies you would like to post about heroes or the game.

Well, this is it for my first post, and hope you would read loads more from me and my friends. Catch you in the game!

Long, but fun Game.....

This evening we had this rather looo....ong but fun game at Hamachi. I just thought of posting the replay here to share with our members.

Game Mode : Single Draft / Shuffle Players

Sentinel : Yunero (BuGgy86) / N'aix (frank) / Pudge (Mahasona)
Scourge : Enchantress (Dutugamunu) / Lich (Kuruvi) / Balanar (ClawOfDeath) / Magina (DZZone)

Winner: Watch it and See ;)

LongButFun.w3g (610kb - DotA All Stars 6.51 / Warcraft III TFT v.1.21)


Juggernaut VS Axe CHALLENGE!

Hey ppl.. its me Frank again.. wanna challenge Axe, my buddy SAN with Juggernaut.. :P will c whether the things can b turned otherway around.. :P

So VS ?? ..... :P :P

Axe VS Juggernaut

I thought of sharing a replay of a game i played recently with a friend of mine.
The heroes are Axe and juggernaut,

Juggernaut is considered one of the best heroes for 1 on 1 play since his superb ultimate power. DOTA Professionals say that this is the best ultimate power among all heroes found in DOTA.

But; I played Axe and for the results of the game pls view the replay.

This image was taken just before i draw first blood!.

Direct Download Link - Click Me Pls

Enjoy and pls do comment.....

Author Introduction - Frank

hey ppl.. its me Rukshan (Frank || Casper in gaming).. i started playing DotA last year, with the hero Venomancer and now have been played almost all the heroes :P.. my favorite heroes amongst all are Vanomancer (obvious :P..), Sniper, Lion, N'aix, Juggernaut, Cristal meyeden, Broodmother, Lich, Razor and Lucifer.

i was playing CS, Generals and NFS before addicting to DotA ;).. i'm currently a student at apiit and in the final year of computing degree.. i used to play online in Hamachi and GG client with my mates in the free time.. (also at apiit corporate lab :P..)

~DotA~ - is it a game or a religion ?? :S..

see you ppl online ..



Author Introduction - Dutugemunu

Hi, I am Lakmal here. A well known player of Command & Conquer Generals + Zero Hour extension. Recently moved into DOTA by the influence of ClawOfDeath (a.k.a Yohan/Link). However I am a newbie for DOTA and still playing more hours to get more experience. I prefer playing Agility & Intelligent Heroes. My favorite hero is Mirana & I am pretty good at playing Mirana. Also loves to play puck, twin head dragon & Razor. I am also in Hamachi DOTA groups. But no time for regular game play because I am working & studying too...

Author Introduction - Mahasona


Im Samitha ( SAN_APIIT || Mahasona ). I was a Warcraft III player since 2006; But I started playing DOTA resantly.

I'm best when i play AXE; PIT LOAD; TINY........ etc......

I like strength heroes most. you will find me on Hamachi and GG. I'm in most of the rooms in Hamachi and you will find me in "SL DotA Room" in GG.
My playing times are limited to night coz i'm in my final year and the time gets is really hard to manage by the day. But still i manage to find time for the game i love; "DOTA".

We always use the latest maps for our games; that helps us stay away from bug and it help to experience new functions in the maps. so when you guys come to play please be updated. Thx !!!

See ya soon in the game.


Auhtor Introduction - ClawOfDeath

Hi, my name is Yohan, (a.k.a ClawOfDeath / Link) and I created this blog to share the views / replays and opinions of our DotA clan at APIIT.

About myself, I am a DotA Addict, and has been playing DotA from 2007 (played a little around 2006, but nothing much). I don't have a one single favourite hero as such, but I prefer Agility heroes than any other type. I like to play Mortred, Rikimaru, Terrorblade, Mercurial, Juggernaut, ....... and the list ends when 75% of all heroes is reached. I enjoy every single minute of the game, but hate leavers and droppers!

You will catch me mostly in our Hamachi networks (as Link), and sometimes in GG Client (ClawOfDeath). My playing name is ClawOfDeath in both.

Catch me at:

APIIT-DotA-Special, APIIT-DotA, HF06A1

Garena (GG Client)
SL DotA Room
International DotA Room

See you guys in the game.
Until then, Peace.


APIIT-DotA-Club Launches !

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