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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Author Introduction - Frank

hey ppl.. its me Rukshan (Frank || Casper in gaming).. i started playing DotA last year, with the hero Venomancer and now have been played almost all the heroes :P.. my favorite heroes amongst all are Vanomancer (obvious :P..), Sniper, Lion, N'aix, Juggernaut, Cristal meyeden, Broodmother, Lich, Razor and Lucifer.

i was playing CS, Generals and NFS before addicting to DotA ;).. i'm currently a student at apiit and in the final year of computing degree.. i used to play online in Hamachi and GG client with my mates in the free time.. (also at apiit corporate lab :P..)

~DotA~ - is it a game or a religion ?? :S..

see you ppl online ..




SAN said...

Hey Frank welcome to the battle field.
Its true you play veno pretty well. Luckily i have a replay of Veno VS The Lord of Avernus(Abaddon).

Hope it will bring ur sweet memories back. :P

Direct Download Link - Click Me

SAN said...

Hey just kidding ok bro :)

I know ur the best when it comes to veno. :P

Yohan Liyanage said...

Welcome to Club Frank.

Nice intro there. We all know you got us with your dirty little Veno trick, ;), but now, you have started to bust us in almost all of the heroes out there.

Happy owning :)

Frank_Here said...

hehe all.. Veno was pertty cool back then.. but this Linken came to place and ruined Veno's L1 hehe.. dats de reason i moved to other heros in the map, which turned out to be awsome than Veno do.. :P

BTW, Veno sucks with Abaddon bro.. one of ma friends kicked my *** with Abaddon and dats another reason i moved to other heros.. ;)

Yohan Liyanage said...

"~DotA~ - is it a game or a religion ?? :S"

Yeah. Seems it is so. With so much "GOD LIKE" and "BEYOND GOD LIKE" sprees ;)

90 Gods :P

But being a God depends solely upon the one who controls it.

"Soul is the Warrior"