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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Author Introduction - Dutugemunu

Hi, I am Lakmal here. A well known player of Command & Conquer Generals + Zero Hour extension. Recently moved into DOTA by the influence of ClawOfDeath (a.k.a Yohan/Link). However I am a newbie for DOTA and still playing more hours to get more experience. I prefer playing Agility & Intelligent Heroes. My favorite hero is Mirana & I am pretty good at playing Mirana. Also loves to play puck, twin head dragon & Razor. I am also in Hamachi DOTA groups. But no time for regular game play because I am working & studying too...


Yohan Liyanage said...

Hey Dutu,

Welcome to APIIT-DotA-Club! Yeah, we all remember the "Particle General" @ C&C Generals ;).

Such a noob you are, pawning heads of all enemy heroes in games these nights ;). Don't think that calling yourself a noob will help you adding some additional heads to your killing sprees :P.

Frank_Here said...

yeah yohan.. pls do notice dat Dutu is de 1st in heros' list.. WOW such a noob.. :P :P

NL_KIchigo said...

needless 2 sy.... Dutta is one plyr dat hard 2 kill....... seriously whn 5on5 or less battle he's da 1 we trgtin lst cuz if we trgtd him first rest of his gng killin us n we end up dead without ny kill. So itz easy 2 kill da rest n GB Dutta in de end. He's syin he's a noob n gttin triple killz in de game.... damn guyz giv dis man a dictionary........ :P