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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Author Introduction - Mahasona


Im Samitha ( SAN_APIIT || Mahasona ). I was a Warcraft III player since 2006; But I started playing DOTA resantly.

I'm best when i play AXE; PIT LOAD; TINY........ etc......

I like strength heroes most. you will find me on Hamachi and GG. I'm in most of the rooms in Hamachi and you will find me in "SL DotA Room" in GG.
My playing times are limited to night coz i'm in my final year and the time gets is really hard to manage by the day. But still i manage to find time for the game i love; "DOTA".

We always use the latest maps for our games; that helps us stay away from bug and it help to experience new functions in the maps. so when you guys come to play please be updated. Thx !!!

See ya soon in the game.



Yohan Liyanage said...

Hey SAN,

Welcome to the Club. No wonder you like strength heroes, with you being a strength hero yourself ;). We have seen you pawning heads with Axe many times dude.

See ya in da game !

SAN said...

He he THx!
well Axe is the only 1 i can do that. :P

See ya in the Game bro :)