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Saturday, June 21, 2008

What's Up with DotA 6.53

I just found this post in DotA All Stars forum regarding rumored changes in DotA 6.53:

6.53 Changelog (for selected heroes)

*Conjure Image illusions changed to 100% damage at lvl 4
*Sunder range increased to 600 all lvls, cooldown 30 seconds all levels
*Soul Steal removed and replaced by wind walk

Purist Thunderwrath
*Purification is now allowed during Repel/Avatar (to prevent teamkill abuse)
*Degen Aura changed to periodic entangle
*Guardian Angel changes units into flying, non-collision (to better suit the name)

*Lich bounce given AI program to increase hero target acquisition
*-Micro CF option available at hero selection of Lich (Warning: Very difficult, needs excellent micro)

*Huskar Burning Spears effect now allowed on target buildings
*Inner Vitality changed to innate passive

*EDF now gives prior bonuses and damage effects as previous dragons
*EDF model size tripled and destroys nearby trees
*Dragon Tail changed to Storm bolt with same duration (to prevent whiners who complain of range)

*Acid Spray now has duration effect of 30 seconds
*Unstable Concoction casting time is always 2 seconds (to prevent abuse of Alchemist while channeling)

*Wolves now do siege-type damage
*Wolves given immolation and 2 inventory slots (Rules for Syllabear's Bear apply)
*Wolves duration changed to 10 minutes

Skeleton King
*Reincarnation mana cost changed to 0 (to prevent abuse of Necronomicon 3 and NA)

*Infest now works on Int heroes

*Armlet now upgradable item (up to 4 times)

*Return now does Divine-type Damage

*Necrolyte removed from -XL, -RD (to prevent Maelk abuse)

Considering these changes, here are my comments.

TB will be IMBA with the 100% damaging images and windwalk. OMG. With 30 sec cooldown Sunder (+ 600 range), he will be feared even more hereafter. No need of Lothar's for him anymore. Get low health, WW, swap n kill any enemy. XD. In my opinion, this will make TB a real ganker, and an even better carry hero. I look forward to see TB more in competitive DotA tournaments, once the map get stable.

The reprogrammed Lich's ulti will be a real pain too. Now people won't hesitate to use it even when you are surrounded with creeps I guess. Let's see how this works out.

SK will be another real pain. With 0 mana for Reincarnation, Mana Burning won't help you to take him down. I hate to go against this hero, 'cos I got to kill him twice to score the kill :(

Infest now works on Int heroes
I wonder what this will result in. Currently, when you infest, you kill the unit and gain HP. But when you put this on a hero, what will that do? :S

Armlet now upgradable item (up to 4 times)
And what will be upgraded is the question. ASPD improvement will make this item real worth. How about the Unholy Strength (Active) of the item? Would that be upgraded too? If so, would the damage taken will be increased or decreased? I don't see this item much in current games. In my personal opinion, this could be worth for N'aix. With his LifeSteal, the damage from Unholy Strength would barely touch him.

Necrolyte removed from -XL, -RD (to prevent Maelk abuse)

LOL. Go MYM GO !!!! Now the MYM even affects how DotA Map is created :P

GG boyz.
Disclaimer : These are rumored changes. I have no guarantee about these stuff. Check out the original post given above.


Anonymous said...

awww... I read these changelog for 6.53 too.. But it seems som fckin 'beta' tester has leaked out som info along wi alot of fake stuff.. i mean thr is actually any real info other than Lich's ulti improvement..

The whole idea of a new version is 2 bring stability and balancing in to dota.. bt these do not sound right to me.. Simple said,


SAN said...

Thx for all the info bro !

well i agree with blackhawks, hard to believe this changes will be made,

Looks like another game to me..!!

May be in Warcraft 4 :P

Yohan Liyanage said...

LOL, these are not my own. I agree about the balance thing, but then again, there's a possibility to balance it through things like images which will take more extra damage.

"hard to believe this changes will be made..."

All these changes are a possibility. If you look at how DotA is programmed, it's nothing big to add these stuff. Let's see, if I get some extra time, I will write an article about how DotA is programmed (a surface scratch). I don't know much, but I know a thing or two.

"May be in Warcraft 4 :P"

Dude, just check out some old maps of DotA. You will see even bigger changes.

How about adding a new hero like Invoker? Invoker changes the whole concept of a hero through Quas, Wex, Exort thing. That might take Warcraft 5 I guess :P

IMHO, DotA runs on WIII, uses it's game engine, but it's a seperate world. Simply, "DotA is not Warcraft" :P. So to make even bigger changes, a W4 is not needed.

As far as I know, everything here is "doable", but yes, "balance" of the game is in question.

Anonymous said...

errr lol... ADding 600RAnge to Soul Keeper's ulti itself is too imba dude.. coz nw he can swap from his own range.. which mean no delay...

This is nt a problem in Doable thing as coders machan.. As coders, we always get to do d undoable and we do it :D :D

This is abt Dota future... If we worry abt programmin powers i hav som suggestions :D :D
1. 1st skill of bloodseeker to be a stun of 2sec (300dmg)
2. Armor aura of Sven to be a Divine Shield
3. Blademaster's healing ward to be invulnerable.
4. Make centaur a ranged hero.

wakakaka u c.. its all abt balance nt abt Programmin bro...

Its all abt dota future... Wi d current suggestions 2 TB.. all he needs is BKB + butter. Fill d rest wi Divines..
Jst think abt, Chaos Knight.. D only copies which does 100% dmg.. Y is it made his ulti wi a high cd?? its coz its imba if it loads evry20 seconds... TB one of the heroes who got fastest AS and MS, can rape the other heroes without a prob.. lol i think u can wrk it out if u think abit.. no use me braggin abt it..:D :D read som forums u will undertand.. wakakaka

Yohan Liyanage said...

Like I said before,
everything here is "doable", but yes, "balance" of the game is in question.

So no argument about the balance of game. In every new DotA map, they ensure that the balance is maintained (apart from some questionable stuff like making Kelen's Dagger of Escape to Dagger of No Escape :P).

I just found this in a forum & posted here. The guy who posted this seems to be a beta tester. Who knows, there could be some truth hidden between the words xD.

Btw, "doable" part is there as an response to May be in Warcraft 4 :P